Ask For Wisdom


Nothing good ever comes easy. Think about that statement for a moment. Your job, relationships, a healthy lifestyle, growing your family all came about in some way shape or form through struggle. While getting there may be difficult, we all look back at the blood, sweat, and tears and say, “It was worth it.”

James encourages the church that has been scattered through persecution to not only endure difficulties, but to have joy in the middle of them. Now, it’s one thing to endure trials and have joy on the other side of them, but it is completely another thing to have joy in the middle of them. For James, this is the end goal and the ultimate desire he has for all believers. Why is this such an important goal for James? Because true joy is always the result of true faith.

So what is the key to a life that is rooted in a faith that gives rise to true joy? The answer: wisdom. In verse 5, James encourages believers that find themselves in the middle of difficulty to ask for wisdom. To be clear, James is not talking about merely knowing the truth but living the truth out in whatever situation life presents.

Putting it simply, wisdom is living out the belief that God is in control when everything seems to be out of control.

And the most beautiful part about this practical wisdom is that it is sourced from God and all we have to do is ask Him for it. So in the middle of sickness, we ask God for wisdom. In the middle of heartbreak, we ask God for wisdom. In the middle of lack, we ask God for wisdom. Whenever and wherever the difficulty comes we ask God for wisdom and He shows us the best way to live in these moments that will reflect His character in the world around us. And by His grace, He turns our pain into purpose, our difficulty into direction, our loss into gain, and our heartbreak into healing.

Join us this coming Sunday as we continue our journey through James.