Freedom Church: Who Are We? Part 1 - Our Vision


Have you ever had a situation in life that left a LASTING impression?

I recently spent some time with some of my family members and my great nephew had a loose tooth.  Whenever he took that tooth and began to wiggle it back and forth it would trigger a reaction.  Stomachs would become queasy.  Others would get up and walk away. My niece, my brother-in-law,  and my nephew were all affected by the wriggly tooth.  There was something from their past that they were tied to causing the trigger reaction.  I tried to dig, but they could never tell me what had happened. 

While this situation was insignificant, there are other situations that are so significant that we find ourselves tied to them for life.  For instance, the woman at the well.  Here is a lady who had been married five times and now she was living with a man.  I guess on the sixth man she finally gave up on marriage.  

I wonder what situation in her life had made such a LASTING impression that she was tied to it for life.  Because of it she went from one relationship to the other trying to fill a void. That is until she had a genuine encounter with Jesus.

He was a Jew and she was a Samaritan.  He was a man and she was a woman. But for the first time in her life she honestly felt and experienced a deep and genuine love.

Her life was radically transformed.  She was free from something that had her tied down her entire life.  

We all have situations in our lives that have made a lasting impression.  Something that we are tied to that causes us to trigger.  We get angry.  We feel rejected.  We feel guilt.  We feel shame.  We feel insignificant.

Somehow we find ourselves tied to our past just like the woman at the well UNTIL we honestly experience the deep and genuine love of God.

That's our heart and our passion at Freedom Church; to see every person's life radically  transformed by a genuine encounter with the love of God. We invite you to become a part of the Freedom Church family as we take the journey together to experience a deep and genuine love that will radically transform our lives.

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Russ Muse