Seems like everybody's hair is on fire these days. People are becoming angrier and angrier.  Not just outside the church, but inside the church. Not just unbelievers, but believers. What are we as believers suppose to do with anger? We are taught how to manage our anger, but scripture tells us to put anger away. 

This past Sunday we invited Brian Onken of The River Upstate to Freedom Church to speak on the topic of anger. If you did not make it then you missed the best message I have ever heard on how to put away anger.   Here are some of the quotes from his message.

Rejoicing in the midst of trials is an indicator that we are living well into our faith.

There is one indicator that James weaves throughout his letter that is an indicator that you are not vigorously living well into your faith as well as you could - anger.

But I don't have full blown anger, I'm just a little peeved, frustrated, upset.

There are books in the Christian world on managing your anger.  There are churches that hold anger management classes.  That would be like having an adultery management class.  As long as we find the right way to manage and express those urges it will be ok. 

Anger is evidence that you’re living naturally.  Anger is suppose to be put away yet we try to manage anger thinking that this is a healthy thing. 

James writes, "What’s the cause of quarrels and what’s the cause of fights among you?"  Wouldn’t it be great to know that answer?

It’s like the dashboard light that comes on in your car. You’re driving in your car and the light comes on.  That’s not just a random event.  The light is calling your attention to something.  You shouldn’t tape over the brake light if it bothers you.  You should be going, “Oh, that’s an indicator that something is out of wack.”

When anger comes up in your soul even if it is a low level anger that is an indicator that something isn’t right. You’ve got a goal. Someone gets in the way of your goal.  The source is in you.  We take our anger out on that person who gets in your way of our goal. 

Anger is an indicator that I’m living for a goal that Christ doesn’t necessarily guarantee me to achieve. 

James says it is the passions in us.  What he is trying to tell us is that maybe our problem is what we want, what’s in you, what you desire, what you are going after. 

I tend to go for things that I think I need, the things that I desire, the things that I want.  I’m not looking for the Father to provide them. I’m looking for you to either help me get there or for you to get out of the way so I can get there. 

If I'm going after something that God intends for me and God wants for me then no one can get in the way of it. 

My anger, your anger is the emotional warning light that comes into our souls that indicates that I’m living for my own desires.

My goal is not to get Chris (Brian's son) in the bed by 8:00. My goal is to help Chris understand how life happens.  My goal is to teach you rather than trying to get you to do what I want you to do. 

Ask for goal replacement therapy. 

When you realize you there is anger, that my anger has everything to do with me then I must be living for something that God doesn't guarantee for me. I’m not dependent on the Father.  I’m dependent on somebody else and they are not falling in line. 

Lord there must be a different goal that you have in mind for me

Again, this is probably the best message I've ever heard on the topic of anger.

  • My encouragement to those who heard the message. Listen to it over and over again!
  • My encouragement to those who didn't hear the message. Listen to the message by clicking the link below.
  • My encouragement to those who know of someone who has some anger issues. Send them this blog post.
  • My encouragement for those who want to attend Brian's class on the topic of anger scheduled for Thursday, July 12th from 6:30 - 8:30  Go to to sign up for the class.
  • My encouragement to those who sign up for the class.  Take someone with you.

Want to be set free from anger?  Scripture says if you know the truth then the truth will set you free!