Parenting With Purpose


Remember how the mom in yellow running after her son during the Baltimore City protests received applause as well as criticism from the media.  It is really difficult to know her heart except to understand that she did not want her son involved in the behavior that was being so openly displayed.  Maybe she had the heart of a mom and wanted something different for her son’s future and just wanted him to be safe from the dangerous situation.

I remember when my two children were young.  In fact, they were two years apart and both in diapers.  I often found myself just wanting to make it through the day and make it to bedtime. One afternoon, I found myself sitting on the kitchen floor in tears, overwhelmed by the day. My two year old was patting me and saying, “it’s okay mommy.”  At that moment, I believe I heard the Lord speak to me and say, “This is not about today, it is about preparing them for me and to fulfill the purpose I have for them. You are the bridge to me.  Prepare them for me.”

As I heard these words, my head came up, the tears stopped, and my heart was forever changed.   I had a mission.  I was chosen to prepare my son and daughter to fulfill the purpose God had for them.  I don’t know how my heart changed so quickly but all I know is that I was called and the future depended on my role as a mom. 

When you find yourself asking how you are going to make it to bedtime, or feel like all you do is wipe noses and drive children to all their activities, remember that it is not about today but about preparing them to fulfill the purpose God has for them.  You are the bridge for them to cross over to their purpose and you are vital for this outcome and God has called you on an amazing mission.

Parenting with Purpose changes everything!

Lisa Muse