Quotes From Jordan Spieth (and his caddie)!

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Here's a spiritual lesson we can learn from Jordan Spieth, second youngest winner of the Masters Tournament at the age of 21: 

Reporter:  There is so much time to think out there. Can you talk about the enormity of the situation and not letting it get to you?  How do you manage that so well?

That's a loaded question even if you don't play golf.  How often do we find ourself in difficulties and we are overwhelmed by the enormity of them: losing your job, can't pay the bills, divorce, feeling unqualified,  feeling like a failure, a problem with your son or daughter?

I love Jordan's response!

Jordan Spieth: There's a lot of time to think. That's the toughest part. There's a lot of time to think through scenarios and listen to some roars.

Did you hear that?  "There's a lot of time to think. That's the toughest part."  

How often do we find ourself doing that when we face difficulties? I don't know about you, but I find myself spending an enormous amount of time thinking through the wrong scenarios with a distorted imagination.

Did you also hear this?  "AND listening to the ROARS!"

1 Peter 1:8 says that the enemy walks around like a ROARING lion seeking whom he may devour.

How often do we find ourselves thinking on the roars of the enemy?  Satan is a liar.  He can't tell the truth even if he wanted.

When we face difficulties we must determine if what we are listening to is the ROAR of our enemy.

Before David defeated Goliath there were many ROARS!

His brother Eliab accused him of wrong motives. "I know about your pride and deceit. You just want to see the battle."

King Saul questioned his ability. There's no way you can fight this Philistine and possibly win!  You're only a boy.

Goliath tried to intimidate him. "Come over here, and I'll give your flesh to the birds and wild animals!"

What are the roars that are blaring through your mind as you face difficulty?  You're not able to do this?  There's no way out of this? This is only going to get worse.  You're defective. 

I love what Jordan's caddie said. "When you hear the roars you have to have tunnel vision."

Here is God's way of having tunnel vision!

Isaiah 26:3 (KJV) Thou will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee.

Here's how the Message Bible says it.  People with their minds set on you, you will keep completely whole. Steady on their feet, because they keep at it and don't quit.  

So this week as you face difficulties you have to think about what we are thinking about and then focus your eyes on God' truth instead of the enemies roar!  When we do that we will find our giants tumbling down and winning some battles for the REAL MASTER!