I Went To Church On Monday

As a Pastor I believe it is my responsibility to attend church. It stands only to reason that if we encourage our church family to have a Sabbath Day and attend church then all Pastors should do the same.

So, I went to church today on Monday, August 11th.  I attended Church of the Highlands in Birmingham, Alabama and Church On The Move in Tulsa, OK.  

I plan to begin sharing those things that "jump" out at me as I sit in the service.  Here we go!

Church of the Highlands - Pastor Chris Hodges

On Judgment Day in Matthew 7:21 Jesus said that Many will say on that day I called you Lord, but will not enter heaven. Why?  Jesus said I will look at them and tell them it’s because I never knew you.  We didn’t get close.  You thought I needed your attendance.  That was nice, but that’s not what I wanted.  You thought I just wanted to get a little money.  That’s nice, but that’s not what I wanted. I didn’t want those things.  I wanted YOU!   I wanted to be close to you.

I got saved at 15 with perfect church attendance.  Never missed a single church service a day in my life, and I didn't know God.  I did everything my church told me to do and didn't know God.  I would have been that one that showed up and called you Lord and did not know you.  God never created you to be a religious person.  He created you to be in relationship with Him.  If this church has one single message, it is that God wants relationship with you, not religion.  He wants to be close to you.

God sees you as someone He wants to be intimately close to.

The heart of your God is I just can’t wait for them to get here. God never wanted you to be just a Sunday Christian.  He made you from Him, to be with Him,  and also to express love to Him.  He wants you to love Him back.  All He wants from you is for you to love Him back. How beautiful. How simple. 

What's the Holy Spirit saying to me?

Holy Spirit: How do you see God, Russ?  The Israelites saw God as someone who took them into the wilderness to kill them. How do you see Him?

Do you see God as someone who can't wait until your arrival?  Get to know Him. He's full of anticipation.  He's waiting.  He's almost giddy.  God wants YOU.  He wants to get close to YOU.  

Me: My image of God has not been what it should be. This image of God thing has been stirring in me for a year.  Wow!  He wants to get close to me!

Church On The Move - Pastor Willie George

We are talking about one of the most important things, one of the most important ideas that we will discuss as a church . It is something we want to bring a new emphasis to. "Saved people serve people."   1 Corinthians 12 the Apostle Paul writes do not be unaware of spiritual gifts. Yet, most people at Church On The Move do not know what their spiritual gift is and that’s my fault. I want to help you in this journey where you really begin to uncover what God has gifted you with.  Every saved person has at least one spiritual gift.

When we are focused on the gifts we don’t have, then we’ll be blinded to the gifts we do have.  At times we rob ourselves of the opportunity to be used by God through our gifts because we become enamored with someone else’s gifts.

You have one.  Some of you have more than one.  And this church won’t be what it is suppose to be if I don’t get you on our team.  I need you.

What's the Holy Spirit saying to me? 

Holy Spirit: God has something significant for you.  He hasn't created you just to survive.  Your greatest sense of fulfillment will be when you discover your spiritual gift and quit being enamored by someone else's gift. You need to focus on the gift God's given you.  

I've given you that gift to serve others.

Me: God forgive me for being so enamored by someone else's gift that I don't see my own gift. Help me focus on how you gifted me so I can serve others. 

In conclusion

I encourage you as you attend church services to ask yourself at the end of the day "What is the Holy Spirit saying to me?"  Journal those things the Holy Spirit speaks to you and then three months later go back and reread your journals.  I think we will begin to find a refreshing, a reminding, and a renewing rise up in our lives.

Have a blessed day!