Waffle House, Fantasy Football and Prayer Groups

If you were to tell me the worst moment of your life or tell me the best moment of your life it would probably involve another person. Our lives are shaped by the people in our lives.

I can remember my middle school baseball coach, Jimmy Robinson.  He had a gift of coaching and motivating fourteen middle school baseball players.  He was tough on us, but he had a way about him that we knew he cared.  He instilled confidence in all of us.  It only made us play harder for him.  He had a huge influence on our lives.  

Life change happens through relationships!

God builds His Kingdom through relationships. We see it modeled in Jesus' relationship with his disciples.  He shared life with them, walked with them through their stuff, and their lives were changed forever.    

Bottom line: change and transformation in our life happens in the context of relationships.  If that is the case then small groups becomes vital to life change and transformation in our church family. 

This past Sunday we introduced 14 Freedom Groups. We have everything from Prayer Groups to Waffle House Groups.  Say what?  Waffle House Groups?  Yes, Waffle House Groups!  

We have what is called a Free Market System.  It is easy to build community when you have a group of people passionate about the  same thing. You must build community before people begin to take their masks off.  So put a bunch of men together who love to hunt and see what occurs.

Our motto for our groups is: Eat Together, Play Together, Pray Together and Grow Together! The leaders of our groups must be intentional.  If you have a prayer group then the leader of that group must be more intentional about eating and playing together.  If you have a Fantasy Football Group then the leader of that group must be more intentional about praying together and growing together.

If you missed church on Sunday we encourage you to click on the link that will take you to our Freedom Group Directory.  Read through the descriptions and see if there is something you would like to become involved with during our Fall Term.  You can click on the Freedom Group of your choice and register right online.


If you don't see anything that interests you then maybe you have an idea of a group you would like to lead for our Spring Term. If that's you, we will have Freedom Group Leader Training after this Sunday's service. We'd love to see you there! Just let us know you are coming.

In 1 Corinthians 3:6 in the Message Bible Paul says, I planted the seed, Apollos watered the plants, but God made you grow. It's the people like Coach Robinson that God places in our life that become part of shaping our lives into what they are today and what they will become tomorrow.  Life change happens in the context of relationships. Join a Freedom Group today!