In ToyStory 2 Woody meets up with The Prospector, Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl and his horse Bullseye.  I'll never forget what The Prospector said to Woody, "You don't know who you are do you?"   Those words just rang out when I heard them because it so applies to many of us who serve God.  Most people struggle with their identity.  We have a distorted image of ourselves. 

I've heard it said before: 

  • No identity, no purpose
  • No purpose, no direction
  • No direction, no destiny

Identity is important.  As Trump says, "It's HUGE!"

I find it interesting in Judges 6 that the first thing God spoke into Gideon's life was identity.

  • Judges 6:12 (NIV) When the angel of the Lord appeared to Gideon, he said, "The Lord is with you, mighty warrior.

God calls Gideon a mighty warrior.  What? Gideon is in a pit, threshing wheat, scared to death of  the Midianites. What is mighty about that?

The second thing God did was give him purpose.

  • Judges 6:14 (MSG) God faced him directly: Go in this strength of yours. Save Israel from Midian.

 Gideon isn't FEELING it! Look at his response!

  • Judges 6:15 (MSG) My clan is the weakest and I am the runt of the litter.

In other words  Gideon sees himself as weak. There is no way that he will be able to save Israel if he sees himself as weak. Gideon has to have a healthy identity in order to save Israel.

You and I will never be able to fulfill our purpose if we see ourselves as weak and incapable.  

  • God spoke truth to Gideon: "Mighty Warrior."  
  • Gideon was believing a lie:  "I am the runt of the litter."

Do you know who you are? What are you believing? Are you believing a lie?  

You may not be feeling it either, but you are one of God's favorite children. You are His mighty warrior. Now go and fulfill your purpose!