Our Vision

Freedom Church exists to see lives radically transformed through genuine encounters with the love of God.

When people enter into a genuine encounter with God, their entire world can change in an instant. It is our desire to lead every person in our services to an encounter with God that leaves them transformed by His radical love. We believe that through these encounters with God, our community and our city will be changed to look like more heaven here on earth -- to look more like the Kingdom of God.


Our Passion

Our passion at Freedom Church is that people experiencing a genuine encounter with God's love would become people who are Found, Empowered, Free, Serving, and Commissioned. 



We want to see lost people Found through providing every person the opportunity to experience new life in Jesus Christ.


Those who encounter God in a real, radical way are Empowered, and Freedom Church desires to emphasize the believer's need to pursue an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit.


Where the presence of God is, captive hearts are made Free. It is our prayer that the environment we cultivate at Freedom Church would create an avenue for every person to experience the reality of the finished work of the Cross in every area of life.


We feel that those who are being changed by God are given new hearts focused on loving and Serving others. At Freedom Church, we hold firmly in our cause to engage every believer in the call to serve using their God-given gifts and talents both inside and outside the church.


We believe in the Great Commission that Jesus bestowed upon his followers before He ascended to heaven. Freedom Church is committed to support the carrying of the Gospel to every nation, tribe, and tongue for the purpose of creating disciples across the earth.